Mihai Bote, Certified Hospitality Technology Professional, knows a thing or two about hotel security. He is the Director of Technology with Swire Hotels in the US and has spent 17 years working with technology in the hospitality industry. His most recent project has involved implementing various complex innovations at Swire's EAST, Miami hotel.

Are technology roles like yours more security-focused today?

“Yes, one cannot separate technology from security any longer. This is the reality of a hyper-connected world driven by mobile platforms and devices. There is no turning back, so the only viable option we have is to become experts in both rapid tech innovation and cyber security models that protect both the business and guest data from misuse.”

How has technology in the hospitality field changed?

“With the advent of smartphones and mobile platforms, the old legacy model has become obsolete and a wave of innovation has become mandatory for remaining relevant and to meet the demand for modern tech in hotel rooms. I foresee rapid changes and innovations that will emerge with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.”

What kind of security issues do hotels need to be prepared for?

“While each country deals with different types of challenges, hotels need to be able toprovide physical and virtual security for both front-of-house and back-of-house areas and have the ability to control access and monitor all areas that they manage. The selection of a mature, well-established solution provider is paramount.”

How are ASSA ABLOY solutions helping with security?

“By using platforms such as ASSA ABLOY’s Essence and Visionline solutions, we are able to secure hotel floors on demand, provide modern conveniences, such as mobile keys to our guests, and empower our staff to monitor and react in real time to various operational needs.”

What technology would you like to see available to hotels in the future?

“I am excited to learn what the future will bring via the Internet of Things, AI, machinelearning, voice assistants and chat-bots’ development. I would like to see intelligent buildings that help our operations teams to evolve from reactive to proactive methods. We also need to be able to use the data we have better and deliver it in a user friendly, digestible way to our teams, in order to empower them to provide excellent service and sales.”

The selection of a mature, well-established solution provider is paramount.