Digital Korea


When the lock business in Korea turned digital, the market grew by 500 percent. Now iRevo markets their successful products globally under the brand Yale GATEMAN.

The Korean market is widely considered a good test bed or navigator for any IT product – mobile phones, mp3 players, Internet applications and the like. The same applies to digital door locks, and Korea is the first country to digitalize widely in the residential area. As a result, iRevo has grown rapidly to become Korea’s largest supplier of digital door locks with distribution in Korea and China but more recently in other parts of the world such as the US and European markets.

“We are the market creator and number one in Korea,” says Jae-Hong Ha, president of iRevo. “Half of all apartments in Korea are already digitalized, and one of two digital doors is of the iRevo brand GATEMAN.”

Jae-Hong Ha believes that iRevo’s success in electronic locks is a result of its ability to develop a digital door lock and make it an attractive and natural part of Korean homes. The approach was to enter the market as a digital innovator concerned about the customer’s inconvenience from analog locks.

“We noticed that what customers needed was a ‘gateman’ to secure their doors and safety at home,” Jae-Hong Ha says. “Our solution was a digital door lock at a reasonable price, which we also ended up calling GATEMAN.”

”Now we bring our products to the world under the brand Yale GATEMAN. I see big opportunities in this approach,” Jae-Hong Ha says.

GATEMAN was recently certified as the ‘World Class Product of Korea’ for the fourth time since 2005. The Korean government investigates the entire digital lock markets across the world and selects top five companies/ products and awards with a certification mark every year.