Trainees turn ideas into reality at Shared Technologies


Starting with an idea and working to develop it into a product that is used by our customers is key to our four trainees at Shared Technologies in Stockholm.

We caught up with Bairaq Al-Urfy, Matthaios Stylianidis, Sara Back and Yousuf Al-Shorji to discover what makes the 10-month program at Shared Technologies so special.

How did you find out about the trainee program and what made you apply?

 “I saw the ad where ASSA ABLOY was looking for trainees and I was attracted by the technology and the possibility to work with different products,” says Sara.

“Both Yousuf and I was recommended by people in our surroundings to apply,” says Bairaq. “As soon as I found out more about the program I believed that it could enable opportunities to learn many new things.”

“Exciting products,” says Yousuf.  “I saw the opportunity to work at a large company where I could learn a lot from others. 

“I saw a flyer on the table when I was having a coffee at school,” says Matthaios. “The words that first caught my attention were ‘data mining’ and ‘big data’. I scanned the QR code and applied. I was given the opportunity to work on many different projects and therefore my choice was pretty much a no-brainer.” 

Tell us what you do at ASSA ABLOY?

“I work with our pre-product innovation team,” says Matthaios. “I worked on a project using machine learning to predict the maintenance of our industrial doors.”

“Currently I'm product owner for a cloud-based access management system,” says Bairaq. “ My main responsibilities are to define user stories we plan to build, prioritizing our backlog along with clarifying and convey the needs of our customers to ensure our teams get the feedback they need to make the right product at the right pace.”

“Sara and I work on an access control system for hotels with smart keys for customers and staff,” says Yousuf.  

“I like to understand how things are connected especially in larger systems, in order to get the full picture,” says Sara.

Photo showing trainee Matthaois (right) with Håkan Olsson.

What is most exciting and challenging about your job?

“As a programmer it’s exciting to be able to use the latest technology and take part in developing it to become even better,” says Yousuf.

“I like the feeling of taking part in developing solutions that will actually be used by our customers,” says Sara. “And even better to see the process take shape from an idea to the final solution.”

“What challenge me the most at ASSA ABLOY is to always be aware of the needs of our customers,” adds Yousuf. “To ensure this we work very closely with our UX-team.”  

“I enjoy having varying work tasks, but it is also challenging having to adapt a lot depending on the project I’m working on. I’ve learned so much by working outside my comfort zone,” says Matthaios.

“I feel challenged to do my best and never stop learning, especially from my peers,” says Bairaq.

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