ASSA ABLOY is a decentralized organization. The responsibility for implementing the Code of Conduct and related policies is delegated to each division.

The divisions and their units are responsible for complying with ASSA ABLOY’s policies and processes.  In detail, this means that:

  1. Each division is responsible for identifying and managing sustainability risks.
  2. The environmental sustainability coordinators are responsible for environmental issues at group and divisional level.
  3. The Human Resources functions are responsible for social and ethical matters.
  4. The operational responsibility is delegated to each factory or business unit.

The process is always overseen by the Executive Team. Units as well as divisions report on performance every three months.

The Group Sustainability Council meets three to four times per year to define environmental action plans and to set targets for innovation and production.

The council consists of representatives from the Innovation and Production (environment) of all divisions. Each participant in the council is responsible for reporting back to her or his organization and to drive implementation.

The responsibility is not limited to ASSA ABLOY’s own operations, but also includes suppliers. Each division is responsible for ensuring that current and new suppliers meet ASSA ABLOY’s requirements.

Systematic monitoring of performance

ASSA ABLOY aims to make the process of monitoring both the Group and supplier’s sustainability performance more efficient and systematic.

The Group has developed a database for sustainability indicator reports, which includes all manufacturing companies. All ASSA ABLOY companies and divisions report their sustainability performance every six months. Through the database the companies and divisions have access to KPIs, best practices and tools. It also includes information on measures taken by the various companies to reach the Group’s sustainability targets. The data can be used to compare progress and trends. 

Who is responsible for what in the monitoring process?

Different levels within the company are responsible for different parts of the monitoring process, that is:

  • At Group level, performance is monitored via the sustainability reporting process including each company’s reporting of material environmental risks and actions to mitigate them.
  • At divisional level, the divisional board meetings address risks, compliance, performance and other sustainability matters. 

The delegation of responsibilities, implementation and follow-ups is clearly communicated and the accountability of each person and function is clearly defined.