Hi-O - bringing network intelligence to the door

Hi-O™ (Highly intelligent Opening) helps to simplify door installation, service and maintenance, thanks to its proactive maintenance technology and plug and play installation.

Hi-O is a standardized technology for security and control of doorway environments. Hi-O enables interconnectivity – communication capability between all the devices involved in a door way solution. They all speak the same language, regardless of the make of system. This not only means higher security, but also far greater simplicity in management and ongoing control. 

By building intelligence into each device instead of a centralised logic unit, Hi-O technology allows the operational status of the door opening to be readily communicated, enabling planned servicing and predictive maintenance.

This advanced feature enables the replacement of malfunctioning components before they breakdown, pre-empting costly reactive repairs and helping to create a more secure environment.

In addition, Hi-O’s plug and play installation makes set-up easy and cost effective. When connected, the new device automatically discovers other network components and starts sharing information, simplifying system updates and expansion.

Hi-O uses a CAN data communication network, allowing connected devices to share and exchange encrypted information.