CLIQ helps to keep Helsinki’s lights on


When employees at Helen Oy arrive in the morning, they update their access rights. The audit trail for the previous day is collected at the same time.


Helen Oy (previously Helsingin Energia) is one of Finland’s largest energy companies. It supplies around 400,000 customers with electricity, covering about 90 percent of the heating needs of the national capital, Helsinki.


The company required a secure locking system suited to a large and dispersed workforce: Helen Oy has around 1,250 employees and 2,600 contractors, with ever-changing access requirements. For Helsingin Energia and its customers, infrastructure security is paramount. Any interruption in supply would affect homes and businesses across the city, so the company needed to switch to a security system tailored to the needs of critical services like public utilities.

Helen Oy had multiple requirements for the security system. The solution needed to have high levels of security to ensure reliability of energy supply, around the clock and every day of the year,  a unified locking system that works across 3,500 door openings and 70 different site locations, ranging in type from power plants to warehouses, and a remote web-based administration for managing employee and contractor access rights.


The CLIQ® system ticked all the boxes. CLIQ® uses mechanical locking paired with electronic identification. After installation in 2013, each employee now carries a single, programmable key which opens only those doors that correspond to its access rights – up to 3,500 interior and exterior doors across 70 different Helsingin Energia locations. The access rights of every key are updated every 10 hours, ensuring that the company’s high security needs are met.

If a key is somehow lost, it ceases to be a security risk after the 10 hours have expired. Locks are powered by a battery inside each key, so maintenance of widely dispersed secure sites is minimized. The whole security ecosystem is managed remotely, using web-based administration software. Access rights in each key can be set valid or invalid, and can be easily changed, removed or revalidated whenever required. Audit trails can be generated instantly.