Market overview and trends

ASSA ABLOY has operations in over 70 countries and sales worldwide. Global expansion takes place through organic growth and acquisitions.

The industry has evolved from wooden mechanical locks to  into sophisticated access solutions, now also entailing different types of identification such as fingerprints and face recognition. The value of the global industry for access solutions and trusted identities is above USD 100 biliion annually, with good underlying drivers.

Through continuous evolution, local standards have emerged, driven by local needs and lock companies. As a result, the market for access solutions is very fragmented, even more so in emerging markets.

We are the largest provider of access solutions, but due to the fragmentation of the market our global market share is still low, meaning we have signifiant potential to grow.

Trends that drive increased demand

People moving from rural areas into cities creates demands for new buildings and thereby also new access solutions.

Demand for security
In a world with a high perception of uncertainty, the demand and need for convenient and efficient access solutions is increasing.

The focus and demand for sustainable, energy-and resource-efficient access solutions in buildings is increasing.

New technologies
Emerging technologies and innovations enable the development of new convenient solutions for customers and provide new business opportunities.

A changing regulative environment, with local regulations, applications and codes results in increasing demand for updated and compliant access solutions.