Mechanical and electromechanical locking

ASSA ABLOY’s locks and lock systems meet the highest demands for quality, design and functionality, and are found in a wide range of security systems around the world.

Mechanical locks & hardware

Mechanical locking devices provide the basic functions of any security system: identification (the key and the cylinder) and mechanical strength (the lock). Door locks, deadbolts, camlocks, mortice locks, padlocks, door handles and exit devices are a few examples of traditional mechanical lock and hardware products.

Electromechanical and electronic locks

The increased demand for electromechanical products is a clear trend, with customers looking for total security solutions and flexible door environments with convenient digital and mobile technology. ASSA ABLOY's products aim at open standards to facilitate integration with the customer's other security and administrative systems.

ASSA ABLOY’s electromechanical locking solutions can be aligned to special security requirements, and a wide range of different technologies, devices and systems are available. From electric mortise locks (which offer the best solution for high-security applications for narrow profile and modular doors) to electric strikes and electromagnetic locks, the solutions provide an additional level of protection and convenience.

Digital door locks

The emergence of the digital home is a major catalyst for the creation of digital door locks and accompanying products designed to integrate seamlessly with digital control systems or provide convenient stand-alone access control. Digital door locks offer a convenient and secure alternative to mechanical locking using a key. Instead home owners can unlock their door using the smartphone, a code or tag. Read more at

Door closers

Door closers are an integral part of many commercial and semi-commercial door sets, and maintain the integrity of fire doors along exit routes in buildings used by the general public. The self-closing function also provides an important level of security for external doors, preventing them from slamming, staying open unintentionally or blowing open in the wind. ASSA ABLOY brands provide a variety of door closers ranging from surface-mounted and concealed door closers, door stays, floor closers and screen door closers to electromechanical door operators and more.