Identification management

Securing people’s identities in today’s digital world has never been more urgent and relevant to everyday life. With innovative solutions that are used by millions of customers around the world, ASSA ABLOY balances high security and convenience for all types of organizations worldwide, including healthcare, educational and financial institutions as well as enterprises and governments.

ASSA ABLOY’s Group company HID Global, which is the worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, is leading the way to reshape the world of identity management. 

Building on decades of industry leadership and a strong installed base worldwide, HID Global is now driving progress in secure identity solutions to address the massive shift to mobile devices as well as wearables.  It is also breaking new ground to converge physical and cyber security, creating better end-user experiences.  

Solutions to confirm and safeguard the identity of a person or an asset include:

Identity and access management

HID Global offers a wide range of identity-management identity and access management solutions that enable organizations to secure the identities of people who are entering buildings or logging into networks or cloud-based apps. Its solutions are used by employees, contractors and visitors to gain access while giving security personnel the control and ease of use to create, manage and use identities. HID Global manages the lifecycle of identities, integrating the world of physical access with the cyber world of logical access.


While smart cards and devices answer the question, “What does a person have?” a biometrics solution answers the question, “Who is the person?” Fingerprint biometrics technology helps to validate a person’s identity. It is often part of a multi-authentication approach; for example, a person would present an ID card or a password and a fingerprint to verify that the person is who he/she says they are. HID Global’s Lumidigm multispectral imaging technology can be found around the world in a wide variety of applications. In Brazil it is used to access ATMs, in the US it secures access to controlled medicines and medical records and in Hong Kong, the immigration department uses Lumidigm biometrics to secure borders.

Authenticity and brand protection

Counterfeit goods are a global challenge across all industries. Embedding secure RFID tags into goods authenticates the items and can improve the product functionality as well as the customer’s experience.
HID Trusted Tag Services combine patented, unclonable NFC inlays and labels with a cloud-based authentication platform to enable product authentication for consumers using NFC smartphones and other smart devices.

Animal Identification

HID Global contactless RFID tags and transponders help manage and safeguard livestock, pets, lab animals and products in the food supply chain. HID’s fully automated production processes ensure consistent tag quality and reliability. Patented direct-bonding technology enables more compact tag designs and optimized read ranges, delivering exceptional size-to-performance ratios.

Government ID

HID Global provides interoperable secure identity solutions that are field-proven in major government-to-citizen ID programs worldwide. These include custom, counterfeit-resistant solutions such as biometric enrollment, entitlement, manufacturing, personalization, issuance and mobile application solutions for passport and identity cards.