Driver’s license issued in seconds with Lumidigm Fingerprint Readers


Drivers in Singapore are now able to obtain their license with a touch of their finger thanks to HID Global’s Lumidigm V-series Fingerprint Readers.

The fingerprint sensors are integral to a new electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) system introduced by the Singapore Police Force to dramatically speed up the license application process for newly-qualified drivers. Deployed by HID partner Secur Solutions Group at Singapore’s three driving schools, the Lumidigm V sensor verifies a person’s identity electronically and with mathematical certainty, against a presented official identity document.

The speed and reliability of the Lumidigm sensors enables the entire enrollment process to be performed at kiosks in seconds, for up to 700 people per day. The system saves almost 1,500 hours of administration time per month which was formerly used on a lengthy application process where drivers had to wait weeks to receive their license.

The Lumidigm sensor’s patented multispectral imaging technology includes proven liveness-detection to prevent fraudsters compromising the eKYC system with plastic, fake or other artificial fingerprint copies. The technology works reliably with normal, wet, dirty, dry or damaged fingers, and in sunlight or wet or cold conditions.

“The HID Lumidigm sensors have outperformed all alternatives with respect to speed, accuracy and consistency of image acquisition regardless of finger or environmental conditions,” says Tseng Wun Hsiung, CEO of Secur Solutions Group. 

System roll-out was completed in under four months. It took less than two weeks during the implementation process for the HID Lumidigm sensors to be integrated and put into operation at the three driving schools.

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