Besam supplied the international retail supermarket chain SPAR with energy-efficient automated entrances.

27 Jan 2012

Besam entrance solutions help SPAR save energy in Austria

SPAR grocery stores in the Austrian cities of Vienna and Murau have been awarded Gold certification by ÖGNI, the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate, after Besam supplied the international retail chain with energy-efficient automated entrances.

Besam, an ASSA ABLOY brand, worked closely with SPAR grocery stores to design a vestibule with the optimal configuration of Besam door-opening solution, door automatics and other equipment to minimize energy losses. By putting together the best possible combination of automatic entrance, glass, activation units and air curtains, Besam was able to meet SPAR’s requirements for energy savings and convenience.

The entrance solution helps to separate climate zones in the vestibule and the rest of the store when the doors are open, and also helps to reduce opening and closing times. It also minimizes energy losses while the doors are closed and during non-business hours.

The Besam entrances, in combination with other state-of-the-art technology such as sustainable heating and cooling systems and LED lighting, have helped the SPAR store in Vienna reduce its energy consumption by 50 percent compared to traditional supermarkets of similar size. Significant energy savings were also achieved in Murau, and both stores were awarded Gold certification by ÖGNI, the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate.

With the success of Austria’s first two “climate protection” certified supermarkets, Besam Austria is looking forward to continuing its innovative partnership with SPAR on additional stores. Besam Austria is also providing Pro-Active Care service to ensure optimum energy savings and long product life.

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Published 27 Jan 2012


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