UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The UN SDGs provide the global community with a roadmap for how to combat global challenges related to economic, social and environmental sustainability. As the global leader in access solutions, ASSA ABLOY’s sustainability work is aligned with the objectives of the SDGs – with a focus on six SDGs in particular.

ASSA ABLOY’s contribution and progress

In order to reach ASSA ABLOY’s overall goal of reducing its environmental impact, implementing water reuse and recycling systems, with a more efficient use and management of water is a critical step.

ASSA ABLOY promotes inclusive and sustainable economic growth by integrating sustainability into the sourcing processes. Labour rights, decent work with equal pay, health and safety and gender balance are key priorities at all levels throughout the Group and the supply chain.

ASSA ABLOY supports the intention of SDG 9 on resilient infrastructure, inclusive and sustainable industrialization and innovation by systematically exploring ways to reduce production materials, optimizing product components and streamline production as well as transport methods. 

ASSA ABLOY is contributing to SDG 11 on making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe and resilient by offering sustainable products and services related to openings and entrance automation solutions.

ASSA ABLOY has committed to adopt sustainable practices into its operations with a strong focus on resource efficiency and waste reduction through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse.

Continuous efficiency improvements in production processes reduces ASSA ABLOY’s climate impact and is linked to SDG 13 on urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts by considering lifecycle environmental impacts of a product through more efficient resource use.