"The company is a role model when it comes to having a clear connection between sustainability and its core business."

Interview with Anette Andersson, ESG Investment Specialist, Investment Management, SEB.

“ASSA ABLOY continues to make good progress on emissions,water and waste. The company is a role model when itcomes to having a clear connection between sustainabilityand its core business. Many of the company’s sustainabilitytargets have been met and some with good margin as well.Its use of Environmental Performance Declarations isincreasingly important for customers involved in greenbuilding and is a clear differentiator from its competitors. 

I perceive the greatest issues facing ASSA ABLOY to be health and safety, environmental issues concerning hazardous waste and water in production, corruption and anti-bribery. I would like to see ASSA ABLOY become more transparent on how it works to curb corruption in its challenging markets. Gender is another area for improvement, as 30 percent of company board members are female, but women managers below board level are poorly represented with little progress being made. Finally, I see potential for ASSA ABLOY to meet the needs of people in the world that are without a lock on their door through a bottom-of-thepyramid approach.”