Engaging with the investment community

The Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) community is an important stakeholder for ASSA ABLOY’s sustainability performance. The Group benefits from regular and open dialogue with investors and analysts.

The investment community offers input on their expectations, including best practice and risk management, and ASSA ABLOY gets the opportunity to communicate the Group’s way of working.

On a yearly basis ASSA ABLOY carries out round-table discussions and several one-on-one meetings with investors particularly interested in sustainability management and performance. The dialogue has resulted in important input to ASSA ABLOY’s strategies and work, as well as how ASSA ABLOY communicates on these matters.

Topics raised in dialogues with investors:

  • risks and risk management in sourcing
  • enhanced work with anti-corruption
  • challenges of acquisitions and entering new markets
  • implementation and follow-up of compliance with the ASSA ABLOY Code of Conduct throughout the Group, and in acquired companies in particular
  • more detailed information on third-party audits in the supply chain and within the Group’s units, as well as further information on the standard of suppliers
  • human rights management
  • health and safety including incident reporting
  • resource efficiency and the constant effort to reduce ASSA ABLOY’s environmental impact in sourcing and production
  • how ASSA ABLOY creates customer value through products and solutions that contribute to improved sustainability performance

The Group is committed to:

  • continue to improve its communication
  • report on sustainability performance
  • better meet the needs for information among stakeholders.