ASSA ABLOY believes that "people make it all happen" and that it is essential to have the right people in the right roles to be successful.

Today the Group employs 46,000 people in over 70 countries. With this, ASSA ABLOY has the specialism and expertise internally to sustain its position as a true "Global Leader in Door Opening Solutions". At the same time, due to the Group’s decentralized structure and entrepreneurial culture, it empowers local decision-making; enabling employees to ‘think global but act local’.

Working at ASSA ABLOY

Maintaining a dynamic organization requires ASSA ABLOY to coordinate processes and align its activities. In terms of recruitment opportunities this means attracting and retaining the best people – and providing an environment for them to perform and grow. ASSA ABLOY is proud when its people are ready to move on and take on new challenges within the Group – and therefore prioritize internal recruitment wherever possible. In doing so ASSA ABLOY is able to retain its talent and meet its promise to be an attractive company for employees.

ASSA ABLOY has a coordinated and comprehensive approach to talent management; ensuring availability of the resources, skills and competencies needed to meet the challenges of both today and tomorrow. The talent management process includes a structured approach to succession planning and career development.

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Employee development

ASSA ABLOY provides a work environment where people can make a difference; employees have the freedom to act and to be accountable for their actions. ASSA ABLOY prioritizes employees’ professional development, and attracting and retaining the employees needed for continued success. ASSA ABLOY provides opportunities – but it is up to each employee to take the responsibility for his or her professional development.

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Introduction program including the Code of Conduct

As the world leader in door opening solutions ASSA ABLOY has  a social and ethical responsibility and observes high standards of integrity and fair practices. To provide guidance in this, ASSA ABLOY educates its employees in the Code of Conduct which is available in  23 different languages and is a key component in the Entrance to ASSA ABLOY introduction program.


Employee survey

The ASSA ABLOY Employee Survey, conducted every 24 months, is an efficient means of finding out what the employees think about their work situation and ASSA ABLOY as an employer. It is also a way to follow up how the respective units are managing matters such as:

  • occurrence of annual performance review
  • equal opportunities for men and women
  • fair treatment and respect among employees
  • ethical and moral standards
  • health and safety

The most recent survey in 2014 included more than 35,000 respondents in 45 countries. Results were broken down into 275 units to be able to follow up and act on results at a local level to ensure improvements.

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