Tesa goes green


With its “Environmental Awareness” campaign, TESA aims to conserve natural resources and motivate employees to respect the environment.

In Spain, TESA is pushing green issues to a new level with its “Environmental Awareness” campaign. The plan is to further reduce the company’s environmental impact and make respect for resources an integral part of the corporate culture.

The campaign began in TESA’s sites of Irún, Escoriaza and San Fernando de Henares. Each month, employees received a refrigerator magnet with their payslips to remind them of the campaign. Company sites installed green signs with advice on how to save water, paper and electricity. A contest that encouraged employees to submit their own ideas drew 102 proposals, and the 10 best ones were awarded an MP3 player.

Management worked to implement the most practical ideas at all sites. The Escoriaza facility has reduced consumption of water, gas and cardboard, while the STS brand has seen improvements in lighting and interruptions of machinery operations in a bid to save electricity. In Irún, offices have cut their use of electricity and drinking water, recycled paper is being used for hand washing, and commercial catalogues have gone from print to digital. The campaign’s encouraging results are proof of a real “green” collective spirit among the company’s employees.