Environmental, Social and Economic Benefits of Wood Doors


Awareness of deforestation and associated risks keeps increasing. At the same time, green construction is on the rise. This has led to an increased demand for more sustainable materials among manufacturers, builders and developers. More precisely, rapidly renewable and/or certified wooden raw materials are needed. ASSA ABLOY’s challenge is to provide such products at a reasonable price.

ASSA ABLOY wooden door companies Graham and Maiman offer products made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood. The Chain of Custody certification verifies that the materials used were grown, harvested, replenished and transported to the manufacturing facility in ways approved by the FSC. The materials used are also kept separate from non-certified products, or mixed only as approved by FSC. In addition, each brand’s doors feature many non-virgin wood components classified as recycled or renewable. For example, particle board used in the core of a standard Graham door or a Maiman Thermal Fused™ door contains between 75 and 100% recycled wood fiber. Graham also offers products with agrifiber cores, i.e. cores made with any fibrous material generated from agricultural/bio-based products. Such cores are both recycled and rapidly renewable, and make up at least 78% of a door.


FSC Chain of Custody certification makes it possible for consumers to choose products in line with responsible forest management. Showing double digit growth in this product category, ASSA ABLOY’s wood door solutions meet the need for a more sustainable product while also bringing the company one step closer towards realizing its sustainability ambitions.