Besam revolving doors solves Ostankino Tower’s draught problems


The Ostankino Tower in Russia installed two large three-wing revolving doors to separate the indoor and outdoor environment while allowing visitors a smooth access.

The tallest free-standing structure in Europe, Russia’s 540-meter Ostankino Tower, broadcasts television and radio transmissions from more than 30 stations. It also features conference facilities, several observation decks and a well-known restaurant, making it a popular destination for tourists.

Because of its great height, the building is subject to powerful internal draughts in its elevator shafts. These conditions not only impact the comfort of staff and visitors, but also the fire resistance of the building.

Besam, an ASSA ABLOY Group company, installed two large, three-wing revolving doors in the tower entrances to completely separate the indoor and outdoor environments while still allowing the building’s large number of visitors convenient access.

Besam also provided 14 fire-rated automatic sliding doors in the entrances to the elevator halls, resulting in a draught-free environment and enhanced fire-resistance. The contract includes Besam service for all 16 installations.