Sustainability Program 2007 - 2010


Since the publication of the Sustainability report 2005-2006, ASSA ABLOY has prepared a new Sustainability program, encompassing in total 20 objectives and/or activities.

ASSA ABLOY executive vice presidents have approved of a Sustainability program with several new objectives and activities.

Johan Molin, CEO and President, says that he is pleased to have a new roadmap for the next few years.

ASSA ABLOY will drive an energy efficiency project within internal manufacturing. The objective is to save 15% in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, based on 2006 year's emissions and relative to production. Savings should be achieved until 2012.

ASSA ABLOY will phase out chlorinated solvents from it's manufacturing until 2008.

Other areas where objectives have been set are:

  • Health and safety - decrease injury rates.
  • Supply chain management, where sustainability audits in risk regions will be continued and intensified.
  • Innovation and sales functions - integration of sustainability issues into these business processes has begun.
  • Gender diversity, where each division will drive programs.
  • Effective handling of employee related issues with drugs and alcohol.
  • Code of Conduct. An update, based on a comprehensive review, is due in 2008.

Karin Ekberg, responsible for Sustainability globally at ASSA ABLOY, explains that the implementation has begun with several activities, such as training of supply chain auditors in China and best practice sharing within internal manufacturing. All affected ASSA ABLOY divisions, companies and functions will be asked to report their progress regularly. Furthermore, the development and follow-up of detailed action plans will be done at global internal meetings.