Prevention of air leakage improves air compressor efficiency

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Using a leak scanner to find out the exact position of air leakage and fixing the problem immediately has led to significantly improved energy efficiency at ASSA ABLOY Hospitality’s Shanghai factory.


ASSA ABLOY Hospitality’s Shanghai factory is a light assembly factory with no heavy machinery. The main energy consumption comes from air-conditioning, the air compressor and lighting. Reducing energy consumption was a challenge given the existing relatively low levels. An energy cost breakdown revealed that the air compressor is the second-highest source of energy consumption.

Air leakage in the workshop accounted for 5-50 percent of the total air supply. What’s more, the source of the leakage, usually in connectors and valves, is always small – around 0.5-4mm – and not easily discoverable.


A leak scanner provided a simple and effective solution. Maintenance technicians could then identify the location of the air leakage along the pipe lines supplying air to work stations. A daily routine has been established so that the maintenance crews regularly check for leakage using the scanner and then prevent the leakage.


Fixing the leaks has resulted in significant savings in use of the air compressor’s electric motor. This translates to a 10.4 percent saving in air compressor electricity consumption, equivalent to a 9263KWh annual saving.