Strong, energy-efficient doors with ASSA ABLOY’s Trio-E

With energy prices continually increasing and nonresidential buildings consuming almost 40 percent of energy used in North America, Ceco Door remains committed to providing maximum thermal-resistant solutions.

Strong energy efficient door Trio-E from ASSA ABLOY.According to data from the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance, doors are responsible for 11 percent of the overall leakage in a building. The new Trio-E door is steel-stiffened for strength, but has achieved an operable U factor of 0.29 (ASTM C1363), over 50 percent better than other steel-stiffened doors currently available for commercial applications.

Many building owners can spend millions of dollars on energy bills annually. The Trio-E represents a chance for them to realize significant savings on new or retrofit projects.

When the Trio-E is combined with thermally broken frames, Pemko thresholds and the Norton Trinity closer, it becomes a sustainable building solution that can eliminate infiltration and exfiltration in the door opening and guarantee that the building envelope is tightly sealed, even in the harshest environment.