Recycling, energy efficiency encouraged at Rockwood Manufacturing

Rockwood Manufacturing, a US-market leader in the production of door pulls and trim hardware for doors in non-residential buildings, recently implemented a major sustainability program, aiming to encourage recycling and reduce emissions.

Joseph Morocco, the company’s environmental/safety supervisor says that, as a result of increasing environmental awareness, sustainability is not just the right thing to do, but also something that customers have come to expect.

He adds that his responsibilities are twofold; reducing Rockwood’s environmental impact and developing a safer and healthier working environment for the company’s employees. “At the same time, we are reducing costs and meeting customer demands that we become more ‘green’,” Morocco says.

In an effort to reduce the environmental impact, Morocco and his team encouraged Rockwood’s employees to take a number of steps, such as recycling cardboard, paper, plastic and alkaline batteries.

“We have installed energy-efficient lighting throughout the facility, reducing electricity usage while indirectly reducing our carbon dioxide emissions,” he adds. “Also, we have installed coolant-recycling units on lathes, thereby reducing the amount of waste coolant generated.”

Looking ahead, Joseph Morocco says Rockwood will continue to improve its health and safety standards, while also reducing its environmental impact.