Readers with intelligent power management

HID Global is now incorporating intelligent power management (IPM) into targeted reader designs.

Taking sustainability into account as early as the design phase can ensure new products are environmentally friendly, as HID Global is demonstrating with its new readers. Intelligent power management (IPM) is now incorporated into targeted reader designs.

IPM is a combination of hardware and software that optimizes the distribution and use of electrical power in computer systems. It allows the readers to automatically use the lowest possible power setting for each operating mode, as opposed to one setting for all modes. This reduces the energy consumption of the product by 90 percent.

In addition, the readers are matched with more efficient transponder designs, which require less energy from the reader for activation. “Our customers will see that HID Global is environmentally responsible and we believe that they will have more favorable opinion of our products as a result,” says Selva Selvaratnam, Chief Technology Officer, HID Global. Selvaratnam says that the sustainability factor will also make the company’s products attractive to government agencies, as they usually have to meet specific environmental requirements.