Improving the supplier base


ASSA ABLOY supplier Vanguard, located in China’s Jiangsu province, is a good example on how sustainability audits generate improvement.

The company mainly manufactures electronic locks and uses plastic injection molding, machining, welding, anodizing and plating processes.

Effective wastewater treatment is a key environmental protection measure for companies operating with these processes. Before ASSA ABLOY performed a sustainability audit of Vanguard only a very basic and old-fashioned wastewater treatment system was in place, although the equipment was not connected. Therefore the wastewater was being discharged directly into the drainage system without being cleaned or recycled.

After the audit, Vanguard’s management decided to invest 1MSEK in a new wastewater treatment system. Today 100 percent of the wastewater is cleaned and recycled, a win-win result for both society and the company in terms of environmental protection and resource management.

Vanguard has also invested in a new welding machine, fire extinguishers and a ventilation system for the polishing workshop.