High efficiency ceiling fixtures reduces cost and energy consumption


CECO Door Products in Milan, Tennessee, USA has made significant savings in energy costs through a project to replace light fixtures.

The project started in late 2008 and in the first quarter of 2009, David Dewberry, an electrical engineer at CECO, led an effort to replace all 655 400-watt metal halide light fixtures located throughout the manufacturing and warehouse area.  Installed in their place were an equivalent number of new six-lamp T-5 florescent fixtures that are more energy efficient and equipped with motion sensors to further reduce energy needs.

As of December 2009, the high efficiency lights produced a cost savings USD 167,000, equal to 75 percent of the cost of purchasing and installing the new fixtures.

Much to the delight of employees, the new fixtures also emit a more natural white light, which improves visibility, eliminating the need for the task lamps previously used in many factory areas. In addition, the fixtures produce less ambient heat, lowering the overall building temperature.

And a final benefit: the new fixtures and their accompanying light bulbs come with five-year and three-year warranties, both of which surpass the life expectancy of the older units and produce yet more cost savings.