Green and lean with a "mizusumashi"

A "green mizusumashi" is a person who works exclusively with sorting and waste collection.

Since 2007, ASSA ABLOY France's Longué site has had a mizusumashi in place, dedicated to helping the entire company reduce the amount of waste despite ever increasing production.

The Japanese word mizusumashi, meaning “water strider” – an insect that walks on water – refers to the person in charge of supplying a work station and keeping production going without disruption. This allows colleagues to concentrate on the quality of their work.

Having a green mizusumashi means that waste can be taken on a regular basis from the various sectors to the waste collection center. The waste is then sorted into categories such as paper, cardboard, wood, metal, and special industrial waste. Spurred on by Longué’s initiative, French Group company Fichet also employed a green mizusumashi in 2008.