Ensuring compliance by independent audits


To measure and report on social and ethical performance ASSA ABLOY performs independent social compliance audits.

In 2009 ASSA ABLOY’s South African factory in Roodeport and the factory in Mexico City were audited on work environment and social responsibility by the external company Hifab International and local partners.

The audits were conducted in line with internationally accepted and applied procedures, and included: an opening meeting with management and key staff; factory inspection; management interviews; documentation reviews; interviews with selected number of workers at the factory; and a closing meeting with management.

The audit team at ASSA ABLOY Mexico stated that: “There have been a lot of improvements [at ASSA ABLOY Mexico] in recent years. Of course there is always room for improvement, but this factory has a committed management team and that is a fundamental and crucial point for success.”

Lyna May, HR manager, ASSA ABLOY South Africa said: “One of the things we learnt from the audit was that what the management takes for granted is not necessarily what the employees are thinking. The social compliance audit has shown us where we can improve and that these improvements will benefit the entire organization.”