Energy analysis yields savings


Lock production involves the use of many resources, including electricity, gas and water that are not only precious but expensive. ASSA ABLOY Occidente in Mexico decided to set up an initiative designed to both conserve resources and cut costs.

The initial step was to analyze energy use in the production processes while in operation and while idle. Ultrasonic and thermal imaging equipment was used to identify air leaks and heat transfer. Local energy rates were also evaluated as part of the mix.

Among numerous improvements, daily monitoring systems were put in place. These included compressor networking equipment, which by reducing the air pressure required also reduced consumption.

Rather than having all equipment ready for action, careful production planning now means that systems requiring energy are used sequentially to maximize the benefits of turning on the equipment – for example, in heating water in the plating process for certain finishes.

A plan to avoid using energy at peak rates was also put into place. Rescheduling the second production shift has made a big difference by avoiding the costly 8-10pm slot.

Overall this careful analysis and daily monitoring has resulted in ASSA ABLOY Occidente reducing its resource consumption costs by approximately 30 percent.