Ceco Door committed to energy efficient solutions

For the last 35-years, Ceco Door Products has manufactured hundreds of thousands of doors from their headquarters in Milan.

Recently Ceco’s about 600 workers at the plant celebrated over three decades of success. Milan Mayor Chris Crider congratulated personnel at the plant during the lunch hour, and Chamber President Victor Parkins presented plant manager Chris Holloway with a plaque for their historic achievement. “We’re proud of Ceco and their success here in Milan,” the Mayor said. “And we are forever thankful for your many community service endeavors,” he added.

Ceco Door began manufacturing steel doors in 1953. Over the years, Ceco has remained on the leading edge of these changes by continually introducing new and innovative products.

In 2004, ASSA ABLOY made a significant investment in Ceco’s Milan plant: installing a new $8.5 million, state-of-the-art automated door line. The new 1,600-foot automated door line enables the company to manufacture virtually any size steel door, using 16 to 20-gage materials. The system can be programmed to manufacture an estimated 170 different doors, and can turnaround a single door from raw steel to packaged product in less than two hours.

Ceco is committed to green building and energy efficiency. Ceco’s energy efficient solutions are designed to provide superior insulating capabilities and draft control to help conserve energy costs.  Ceco’s polyurethane doors have a foamed-in-place core that provides exceptional thermal resistance as the foam fills every void in the door. Environmental friendly doors produced at Ceco curb draft control, and help eliminate heat and cold penetration. All of the doors produced at Ceco are made from recycled steel. In fact, Ceco can produce 20 doors from the steel scrapped from one car and the energy conserved is equivalent to powering 7,500 homes for a year.

Not only is the steel Ceco uses recycled, the packaging material used to ship Ceco’s doors and frames is also recycled. 100% of the cardboard packaging is recycled which reduced local landfills by 1,607.95 cubic yards in 2008 alone.

Employees at the Ceco plant even recycle steel scrap from inside the plant, using it to make smaller parts for their doors.

* partly published in the newspaper “The Mirror Exchange”, Milan, Tennessee