Abloy’s journey towards zero waste to landfill

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If we continue wasting our natural resources in the same manner we do now, we will need 3.5 earths to sustain the consumption of our 9 billion.


Abloy adapted ISO14001 Environmental Management System already in 1997. Sorting of waste has been a practice for a long time. Have the measures been sufficient enough to ensure good living conditions for the next generations?


Abloy adapted a strict waste hierarchy:

  • Prevention
  • Minimization
  • Reuse 
  • Recycle 
  •  Energy recovery and
  • Disposal

The waste hierarchy was introduced to all personnel, along with sharing of good practices of recycling. The personnel were involved in continuous improvement by presenting the results and by collecting feedback regularly by using a suggestion scheme and environmental near-miss reporting. The environmental management analyzes the landfill waste together with the waste collection operator and the results of the analysis are shared with all employees.


Amount of landfill waste has reduced by 50 % in 2012 and 40 % in 2013. A more efficient reuse and recycling in 2013 resulted in 80 tonnes less landfill waste from our factories compared to 2011.