Waste management

ASSA ABLOY works to minimize waste from its manufacturing processes as well as waste related to packing. The 2020 target is to reduce the non-hazardous waste intensity by 20 percent compared to 2015.

Hazardous waste

ASSA ABLOY works with waste management to minimize waste related to packing and/or other waste resulting from of its manufacturing processes (directly or indirectly) – without compromising on quality or function. The Group has been successful in implementing a number of activities to improve its waste management:

  • Printed documents have been reduced by the use of electronic orders and integrated information flows between systems.
  • Various metals are sorted by type to assist in the recycling of their content.
  • Cutting oil is extensively filtered and cleaned so that it can be reused in manufacturing.
  • Certified companies appropriately dispose of any hazardous waste that cannot be reused.
  • A number of companies also have reduced their use of packaging materials; switched to more environmental-friendly packaging materials; introduced reusable/recyclable containers.

ASSA ABLOY is constantly working on reducing the number and amount of materials used.

Non-hazardous waste