Supply Chain Management

The long-term objective of Group supply chain management is to reduce business risk by improving sustainability performance throughout the value chain. During the year, ASSA ABLOY continued to roll out its Code of Conduct for Business Partners and increased the portion of Group spend reported through its business intelligence system. 

ASSA ABLOY will continue to grow in new markets. As a result of for example acquisitions, new direct material suppliers need to be included in the audit program. This creates challenges for ASSA ABLOY, and it becomes increasingly important to ensure a consistent approach for securing supply chain integrity.

Group Supply Chain Management is lead by the Sustainability Supply Council, which includes representatives from each division. The Council sets supplier sustainability targets, coordinates activities and follows up on progress. Each division is responsible for ensuring its suppliers meet ASSA ABLOY requirements. The divisions report to the Sustainability Supply Council on a monthly basis.

Distribution of supplier spend