Anti-Bribery program

ASSA ABLOY does not tolerate, and works actively to prevent, corruption in its business. To further emphasize this the Group has implemented specific compliance programs within the areas of Anti-Bribery, antitrust and export control, which supplement and expand on the Code of Conduct in respect of these areas.

Risk assessments, employee training, third-party compliance and reporting are essential components of the Anti-Bribery compliance program. Implementation of the program is an ongoing process; the Group provides supporting tools, while each division is responsible for the implementation.

Prioritized areas 2016

The work to implement and further strengthen the thirdpartydue diligence process within each division continues.The process is used to evaluate whether or not to engage athird party to make sales on ASSA ABLOY’s behalf, based onan adequate assessment and screening. The focus of such aprocess is to identify and prioritize our efforts towardinstances where the corruption risk exposure is perceived tobe high.

The focus of such a process is to identify and prioritize our efforts toward instances where the corruption risk exposure is perceived to be high. In 2016, the review of selected arrangements withincertainbusiness operations continued. The purpose of thereview is to evaluate existing processes and to identifyimprovement areas in order to further define and developthe third-party due diligence process and proceduresadjusted to the business and risk.. This work will continue in 2016.

Anti-Bribery compliance program

The Anti-Bribery compliance program adheres to the strictest international standards with the objective of preventing, detecting and responding to potential corruption. The implementation of the program is reviewed through the Group’s established process for internal control, including self-assessment in all operating companies and internal audit.

The Anti-Bribery policy is available in a number of languages, which can be found on ASSA ABLOY’s intranet. The English version of the Anti-Bribery policy is available from the right-hand column where you also find a summary of the Anti-Bribery policy under the heading Key messages.