Code of Conduct

The ASSA ABLOY Code of Conduct forms the basis for the Group’s actions and behavior and is at core of the sustainability governance. It applies globally to everyone acting in the behalf of ASSA ABLOY – including third parties. The Code of Conduct covers areas such as environment, consumer interest and anti-corruption.

The Code of Conduct provides the framework for ASSA ABLOY’s daily operations and includes guidelines for business ethics, human rights and labour standards, environmental and health and safety which is at core of the sustainability governance. The responsibility for implementing the ASSA ABLOY Code of Conduct is delegated to each division, but the overall responsibility for identifying and managing existing and emerging risks is held by the Board of Directors.

The Code of Conduct Compliance Committee overlooks the process of implementing the Code of Conduct.  Its responsibilities include receiving information from whistle-blowers and ensuring that such matters are handled in an appropriate way. The committee includes two members of the board, and it is chaired by the Group Senior Vice President of Human Resources. 

Who does the Code of Conduct apply to?

The Code of Conduct applies to all our employees and all our business partners. Suppliers will be included via contractual provisions.

The Code of Conduct does not replace legislation and if the two are in conflict, legislation takes precedence. ASSA ABLOY respects the laws of the countries in which it operates. If the Code of Conduct sets a higher standard than the existing legislation, the reverse applies.

Based on global standards

The ASSA ABLOY Code of Conduct sets forth principles that apply globally to employees, business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.
The Code of Conduct is based on;

  • United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • ILO Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multination Enterprises and Social Policy
  • UN Global Compact
  • OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
  • ISO 14001

The full version of ASSA ABLOY’s Code of Conduct is available in English, French; German, Spanish and Chinese. A shortened version is available in 28 languages.

Reporting Code of Conduct concerns

Code of Conduct concerns may be reported via e-mail ( or via regular mail to:

Box 70340
SE-10723 Stockholm

Code of Conduct for Business Partners 

Code of Conduct for Business Partners are specially adapted to the needs and challenges of business partners such as suppliers, consultants, distributors, agents and other representatives. The Business Partner Code of Conduct applies to all partners that provide products or services to ASSA ABLOY or are engaged for or on behalf of ASSA ABLOY. 

Read more about the Code of Conduct for Business Partners 

Privacy notice

ASSA ABLOY is committed to protecting your personal data. In the Code of Conduct - Privacy Notice you can read about how ASSA ABLOY processes and uses the personal data that we receive in connection with a Code of Conduct concern and how you can contact us if you have additional questions regarding our processing of your personal data.