Switch to water-based paint has multiple benefits


Replacing oil-based paint with water-based paint in the manufacturing process in China minimizes the environmental footprint and has health and safety benefits.


Shenfei Liyi Security Products, a China-based door closer company, was using oil-based paint, mixed with organic solvents such as thinner, to paint door closers. The fumes emitted from oil-based paint and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in thinner are harmful. Fumes from VOCs also cause ozone pollution.


Shenfei Liyi carried out tests using water-based paints to ensure they would work with the existing production process. After finding a suitable supplier, Shenfei Liyi replaced oil-based paint with water-based paint for its door closer production. The paint uses water as a solvent – which is odorless, non-toxic and minimizes harmful effects on people and the environment.


Shenfei Liyi replaced all oil-based paint with water-based paint by the end of 2016. As a result, the annual consumption of organic solvents decreased by 60,000 kg in 2017. This initiative helps minimize the environmental footprint, reduces the risk of fire and enhances the health and safety of employees.