Detergent switch cuts consumption of organic solvents

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Changing the type of detergent and cleaning tables used to degrease product parts has significantly reduced the consumption of organic solvents at ASSA ABLOY’s manufacturing plant in Rychnov nad Kněžnou in the Czech Republic.


Eighteen cleaning tables used for cleaning machine tools and components at the plant were using a detergent that contained organic solvents. A decision was therefore made to replace the degreaser with a product that caused less harm to the environment.  


Several suppliers of cleaning tables were contacted and various detergents were tested at the plant, including water-based alkaline cleaners and detergents containing natural organisms. When evaluating the products, the team at the plant focused on the level of safety of the detergent, its impact on the environment, the cleanliness of the cleaning components, the corrosion protection tools and the operating costs.  


By using the new cleaning preparation, the consumption of organic solvents at the plant in