Relocating electroplating line improves sustainability and production

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By moving its electroplating line to an industrial estate, ASSA ABLOY Zhongshan has reduced water use, improved both safety and product quality, and shortened lead times.


One of the Group’s largest manufacturing sites in China, ASSA ABLOY Zhongshan used to process the wastewater from the electroplating process in its own facility. However, this treatment was far from efficient, as the process created up to 70 tons of electroplating sludge each year – all in close proximity to populous areas.


ASSA ABLOY Zhongshan has relocated its electroplating line to an industrial estate 13km from its original site and upgraded the machinery. Wastewater is now collected and treated by a centralized treatment facility managed by the industrial estate. To improve safety, a new sprinkler system has also been installed that fits the Group’s insurance company’s requirements.  


Using the new facility has made the rinsing process more efficient, reducing water use by 45 percent and increasing the water reuse rate to over 85 percent, which far exceeds the 60 percent standard set by the local government. The upgraded electroplating line has also shortened the production lead time and improved product quality.