Sustainability in focus for new Magnalock


Improvements in the design of our Securitron EcoMag Magnalock resulted in an 80 percent reduction in its energy consumption as well as using biodegradable product packaging.


Customers were looking for a sustainable product that was aesthetically pleasing, and low profile for high-design architectural openings. The legacy product was sleeker looking than other Magnalocks, but had no way to self-adjust power consumption depending on door position.


The new design – made with the help of our Sustainability Compass – included lowering energy requirements and reducing our environmental footprint with regard to packaging, while maintaining an aesthetically appealing exterior and ease of installation.


The new Securitron M380E with EcoMag technology from ASSA ABLOY Electronic Security Hardware features door prop sensing that allows the magnet to de-energize the coil when the door is held open for extended periods, dropping power draw as low as 20mA at 12V. The packaging insert is now made of biodegradable corn starch, further reducing the environmental impact.