Eco-friendly packaging brings benefits to ASSA ABLOY South Korea

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Soy-based ink and recyclable cardboard have been used for iRevo’s new product packaging range. While boosting the company’s brand identity, the move has also led to significant cost savings


Packaged products at iRevo, ASSA ABLOY South Korea, used to come in a range of shapes and sizes, and the printed contents on the boxes and the materials used differed widely. The packaging gave the products a unique feel, but the vast array of packages caused difficulties for factory staff and suppliers. Furthermore, the boxes were not environmentally friendly and brand identity suffered due to the inconsistent packaging.


By categorizing its products into groups, iRevo has reduced the quantities and variations of the packaging. Pictures of the products and the specific contents are now printed separately on stickers and attached to the redesigned common boxes. Packing boxes and printing inks have also been replaced with eco-friendly materials.  


Hundreds of different box designs have now been unified into fewer than 10, leading to cost savings of around 20 percent. All packaging is made from 100 percent recyclable cardboard and the stickers showing the contents of the boxes are printed using soy-based ink. The new packaging has also strengthened its brand identity among customers by attaining an environmentally friendly image.