Systematic approach ensures high safety standards


Safety standards throughout ASSA ABLOY have improved significantly thanks to the introduction of a Group-wide health and safety management system.


In 2016, ASSA ABLOY was not satisfied with its injury rate, and the Group’s safety programs were fragmented across the organization with a lot of variability from site to site. This resulted in inconsistent application of the safety values and processes.


ASSA ABLOY set up a working group with representatives from each division and constructed the ASSA ABLOY Health & Safety Management System using the OHSAS 18000 standard as the basis. This system includes a policy manual, hazard identification and improvement worksheet, incident investigation and response process, and a safety inspection checklist to identify common hazards.

The system was deployed throughout the organization to provide a consistent structure to build the Group-wide approach to safety. ASSA ABLOY is now building on the system in place to instill a safety culture among the employees – to promote safe behavior, reduce workplace hazards and reduce risk-taking. Communication is a key part of this journey and a steady stream of safety content in the form of blogs, videos and stories have been created to make people familiar with the increased focus on health and safety.


The new system has been deployed to Group’s largest sites and the roll-out of the program continues across the Group. The injury rate decreased by 20 percent from 2016 to 2017. The Group now has a consistent set of tools to enhance the safety culture – and further improve safety performance throughout the organization.