Setting limits on tap flow reduces water consumption

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Setting strict limits on the amount of water available from taps reduced consumption by 8 percent at the Abloy Oy facility in Joensuu, Finland.


Surface treatment is a major contributor to water consumption at the Abloy Oy Joensuu factory in Finland. The process is modern, and it is already built to use the best available technology. Overall water efficiency has been improved by technical means, such as by changing to waterless urinals and by increasing awareness of water efficiency among the personnel.

Could any further improvement be achieved?


On site, there are 100 water taps in total. The water flow of each tap was measured. The highest flows found were over 30 liters per minute. The flows were set to a limit of 6 liters per minute on the sink taps, and 12 liters per minute for the kitchen taps and showers.


Water consumption has been reduced by 8 percent, which corresponds to 1,200 cubic meters per year.