Our way of working

Our vision is what we strive for in the long-run, and it drives what skills we must have and what technologies we must develop.

The vision, and the steps we take on the way to reach it, is influenced by the Voice-of-the-Customer, the Voice-of-Technology, and the Voice-of-Society.

The pulse is our “heart-beat”, and we have several of them beating at different paces depending on the need (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly). Via the pulse, we can ensure that all activities have access to timely decisions.

Our core processes include product management, pre-product innovation, new product innovation, continuous product innovation, operations and support. 

We also have supporting processes that act like cog-wheels, ensuring that a product can be successfully developed via our core processes. Our supporting processes include laws and regulations, people development, risk management, and IT. 

Learn more about our technology platforms

ASSA ABLOY Shared Technologies has developed a number of unique platform families for hi-tech door and entrance environments.