Loading dock doors provide perfect temperature control


A selection of Entrematic loading dock door solutions controls temperatures for Preferred Freezer Services’ warehouses.


Preferred Freezer Services offers full service temperature controlled warehouses in 37 locations in the United States and Asia. The new 42,000 square meter facility in Richland, Washington, is the largest automated freezer building in North America with over 1 million cubic meters of storage capacity; turning over 135 million kg of frozen potato products per quarter.


This high volume facility includes a 2.2 degrees Celsius loading dock area adjacent to the freezer building – so the customer required a dock design solution that provided the highest degree of sealing capability and energy efficiency.

Washington gets warm during the summer months and the temperature differential between outside and inside can be as much as 18 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the dock and door controls had to be integrated into singular panels and sequenced to operate only in the proper order for safety and energy efficiency.


The Entrematic team worked very closely with the Preferred Freezer Services design staff to collaborate on how to seal the building effectively.

The loading dock solution with Kelley dock levelers now provides a very tight seal around the trailer and the proper level of activation sequencing for safety and efficiency. The dock door selected was the TKO VertiCool, which was the natural selection to eliminate condensation often present in these applications.

This package has since become the standard for Preferred Freezer Services facilities worldwide.