ARX access system makes life easier for supermarket


The ARX access system and contactless tags make life easier for owners and employees at the ICA Nära Sjöstaden grocery store in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm.

The ARX access system makes it easy for personnel and others who work in the ICA Nära Sjöstaden grocery store to safely move around the premises. The tags provide access to a staff entrance, storage and staff areas when held up to the code reader and also function in the building’s exterior access system – for example, when sorting waste.

The ARX access system makes it possible to control access for staff, customers and partners at different times. Adding new users to the system is easy and everyone gets a personalized tag, quickly and conveniently.

“Choosing the doors that a person can use provides great security. Being able to control authorizations is extremely important,” says Thomas Widlund.

Only certain employees have authorization to access the security room where cash is handled, and they must use the tag in combination with a code. Vendors and other partners may have authorization during certain times.

“I consider it to be a great advantage to have it in my shop. If someone loses a key in a traditional system, a decision has to be taken: should we live with it, or replace the entire locking system? If a traditional bunch of keys is lost, including keys to a safe, the costs incurred may exceed SEK 100,000. Here, our few keys are always kept in-house,” says Thomas Widlund.