Ships ahoy Abloy!


Meeting unique challenges for boat locks, Abloy Finland provides customized locking solutions to meet the unique requirements for making boats secure.


Finnish boat brands Buster by Fiskars, AMT, Yamarin and Bella.


Security solutions implemented in boats need to be easy-to-use, practical and durable in hot and cold weather and resistant to dirt and water. Locks are required as standard or extra accessories for securing the storage boxes, doors or the bow.


The Abloy CL 729 Sentry high-security camlock is specially designed for boats and vehicles. The lock works without the key while you are on the boat. You need the key only when initially locking/unlocking a door or storage box and entering or leaving the boat. The corrosion resistant mechanism is suitable for years of secure, trouble-free use. No modifications are needed when replacing previous Abloy cam locks (CL 103 and CL 106).  The lock is easy to install and available with a wide range of cams for use with varying cabinet designs.

The elegant satin chrome finish complements the boat’s other fittings. The lock is suitable for installation on timber, metal, ¬fiberglass, plastic and carbon fiber. The ABLOY CL 729 boat lock is the result of product development work between Fiskars product development manager, Petri Ääri, key account manager, Jari Räty and product designer, Marko Kokkonen from Abloy.