HID’s iCLASS solution secures expanding airport

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As Mexico City International Airport expands with a new terminal, HID Global’s iCLASS access control system is addressing the busy airport’s need for reinforced security.

A new access control system based on V-Smart iCLASS access control readers and contactless smart cards was recently installed at Mexico City International Airport (ACIM), which is one of Latin America’s busiest, accommodating 32 million travelers a year. And because the airport is expected to increase its capacity by nearly 50 percent, the airport has significant access control requirements.

With authentication capabilities at the credential level, a scalable credential issuance procedure for future expansion, the biometric solution based on fingerprint authentication provided by L-1 Identity Solutions, allows precise access control to restricted areas, virtually eliminating the possibility of counterfeiting.

Manager of Airport Identification, Enrique De la Mora, worked with integrator Ernesto Ibarra from IR Systems to define the airport’s access control needs.

Concerned with vandalism and identity theft, airport security management identified that multi-factor authentication was needed to maintain strict access control to restricted areas such as VIP rooms and operations areas.

Significant authentication capabilities were also needed at the credential level to ensure the integrity of the card issuance process.

“With V-Smart iCLASS, the identity verification process is doubled,” Enrique says. “To go through a controlled door, a person must first identify him or herself, presenting an access control card. Upon accurate reading and verification of the card, the cardholder then places a finger on the biometric reader to prove that the person carrying the credential is really the person the credential is issued to.”

The solution also needed to be scalable to address new locations and employee status. With the opening of the new terminal, airport management wanted to ensure that it would only need to provide badges for each employee once, for all facilities.

In addition to these features, security managers at the airport were swayed by HID’s entire standard service offering that comes with its products, ensuring successful security integration.

One feature of HID’s service offering is its Corporate 1000 program, which offers a custom-created, 35-bit card format exclusive for the end-user, establishing a “Single Card Solution.” Under this program, more than one million individual card numbers are available to the airport, tracked during manufacturing to ensure no duplicate card numbers.

The Corporate 1000 program also guarantees that the airport’s authorized integrator, IR
Systems, is the only entity able to purchase cards from HID Global on the airport’s behalf.

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