CLIQ's flexibility meets museum's high security demands


The high level of security demanded by a world-class museum welcoming thousands of visitors, combined with the flexible access control needed for personnel, is provided by CLIQ at the Design Museum.


The Design Museum, in London, hosts exhibitions related to architectural, fashion, graphic, industrial and product design. Founded in 1989, it moved to a new site in Kensington in 2016.


It took a EUR 90 million investment to create a new London site for the Design Museum. This new space needed an access control system suited to such a high-profile project, designed to protect high-value exhibits. The solution had to be flexible to meet the security requirements of three galleries, a café and an events space, with 100 permanent staff and hundreds of daily visitors. 


CLIQ access control has an established track record in the museums and heritage sector, and when the museum’s construction company was asked to recommend the best solution, it picked CLIQ.

CLIQ is an easy-to-use access control system based on mechanical high-security cylinders combined with encrypted electronic locking and identification. CLIQ PROTEC2 electromechanical locks control access through 56 doors. Staff carry one battery-powered CLIQ key, programmed with the appropriate, pre-authorized access permissions.

Using intuitive CLIQ software, security managers can change or cancel a user’s permissions at any time. Contractors are issued with temporary programmable keys, which saves time formerly wasted escorting them around the building.