Stockholm building gains highest BREEAM rating

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Solutions provided by ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems have helped a building in Stockholm, Sweden gain top marks in sustainability.


When creating the specifications for a new building in Stockholm’s city center, developer NCC set ambitious sustainability targets. The resulting construction is one of very few buildings in the world to have ever achieved “Outstanding” certification from the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM).


To meet the requirements for BREEAM Outstanding certification, NCC had to choose its building materials with great care, and only work with suppliers that could live up to BREEAM’s high standards. NCC wanted the best possible entrance solutions for reducing energy consumption in the new building.


ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems solution consists of a high-performance door and several sliding door systems and swing door operators, equipped with ECO radar and safety sensors. After an analysis of the flow of people in and out of the building, the swing door operators, which meet the European safety standard EN16005, were set so that the door only opens wide enough for a specific number of people to pass through.

The door also opens and closes at the right moment to ensure a good user experience for the people entering, while preventing unnecessary energy loss. Moreover, the solution contributes to the building’s superior sustainability performance.