Mobile Access for India’s largest broadcaster

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Staff at Star India enjoy the benefits of MID Mobile Access for secure entry to company premises using their smartphones, while access management is also greatly simplified.


Star India is the country’s largest multimedia entertainment company, with over 50 channels in its network and programs that are broadcast to over 100 countries.


Star India sought a solution to provide advanced and convenient access control for the staff at its Mumbai headquarters. The solution needed to be easier to manage. With the company’s existing access card system, cards were easily damaged and misplaced. Each new or replacement card had to be provisioned manually.


HID Global’s Mobile Access solution provided a total of 2,500 mobile IDs to staff member smartphones, with iCLASS SE contactless readers at gates and doors throughout the building.

Mobile IDs are at the center of the solution. Because they are provisioned via an online portal, mobile IDs can be easily changed, issued or revoked by administrators at a moment’s notice.  HID’s breakthrough Seos credential technology ensures that end-user identity data stored on mobile IDs is protected using secure data encryption.

In addition to making it possible for staff members to use their own smart device of choice, Star TV India no longer has to maintain an inventory of physical access cards, which saves the company time and money while reducing its environmental footprint.