ASSA ABLOY supplies hi-tech fire doors for China’s highest building

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The Shanghai Tower, which is specially designed to withstand strong winds, was fitted with nearly 6,000 hi-tech fire doors.


Shanghai’s latest landmark, the Shanghai Tower, is the tallest skyscraper in China. The 632 meter high building with a twisted form has 127 floors and an area of 576,000 square meters. From above, the roof is reminiscent of a guitar plectrum.

A wind tunnel test showed that the building’s design reduces wind loads by 24 percent. This is an important factor in Shanghai, which is often hit by typhoons. 


Nearly 6,000 fire doors were supplied for the Shanghai Tower. It was a complicated project– in view of both the building’s scale and the need for a large number of different types of hardware fordoors in various parts of the building (e.g. data center, electrical plant room, risers, corridors and offices). The project required a number of suppliers with advanced manufacturing facilities and technologies. 


ASSA ABLOY Tianming put together a special project team with experts in areas such as product design, quality control and security. The goal was to create a good understanding of the customer’s needs, by means of data analyses and a survey of the characteristics of each individual door. In the end, around 100 different door types were installed, with some of the largest doors leading to further production and installation challenges. Apart from being fireproof, the doors also needed effective sound and heat insulation, and a high security level. Another requirement was a means of rapid evacuation in case of an emergency.